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About us

What Is Toysbaba & How Toysbaba Can Help You in Toy Sourcing ?


1. The Most Well-Known Toy Sourcing Media


Toysbaba has been born out of Toybaba (the Chinese Website).  

There are tens of thousands of toy suppliers, with millions of products in the website and magazines. 




2. Specialty in Communication 


Toysbaba has a team, speaking in good English with overall toy knowledge.  

We are ready to help you to find products / suppliers, understand your need, and translate it correctly to the suppliers. However, you don’t need to pay any commission for our help. 




3. Superior Services:  




A. Free Visit to Suppliers (within Chenghai)


If you want to visit toy suppliers in Chenghai (the biggest original place for toy manufacture),

please book free visit in our website or contact us directly. 
We will help to find out the suppliers and arrange your visit--Free.



B. No Commission Enquiry

We only obtain the advertising-rate from suppliers once a year. 
No matter how many enquiries / orders they get via Toysbaba, they pay the same to us.
As many of them don't have International Sales, we represent them to communicate with you in advance. 
After we make sure your enquiry, we will translate and pass it to them with your contact information.



C. Hotel Discount

If you want to book the hotels in Chenghai, please feel free to contact us.

As we have long-term cooperation with the hotels, we can ask them to give you good discount.



D. Free Toy Magazines

Toysbaba Magazines have the newest and best toys and news.
We publish 1 Year magazine and 4 season Magazines every year.
The magazines are free for you in Chenghai hotels, in our office and in in all the toy fairs we attend.




Toysbaba has been an exhibitor in many Toy Fairs. 

Our Magazines are available in all Fairs we attend--Free for you. 

Our booth No. will be presented in before every Fair. 


Please kindly pay attention to our booth No. and visit us to get our Magazine 2013 (300 Pages, FREE FOR YOU) . 

Or please contact us, then we will send it "Freight Collect" to you.